How much would you pay to achieve your goals?

by Scott on February 28, 2014

payThis is an interesting question.  If you could write a check today to achieve any one of your goals, would you do it? Of course you would.  The problem is, too often we don’t.   Something gets between our wallets and our hearts.  Today, let’s talk about that “something.” 

A few months ago, my parents were up for a visit.  One morning, I was having a cup of coffee with my Dad and I mentioned an opportunity to attend an upcoming coaching course.  It’s a rigorous training program to become a certified Gallup Strengths Coach.  It costs $7500.

I love Gallup’s products, especially the StrengthsFinder assessment.  The assessment has shaped my life in so many ways.  I like it so much that I have all my clients take it before our coaching sessions.

Gallup has some other unique products too.  I read their book First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently, before taking my current position.  From that book I learned about the Q12 assessment:  12 questions Gallup asked 25 million employees worldwide to measure employee engagement.  They determined only 13% of the workplace is engaged and offered a strategy to increase engagement.

Gallup looks through mountains of data to determine essential factors that get results.  Their ideas are revolutionary and sometimes unconventional.  They challenge the status-quo.  That’s probably what I like most about them.

When I mentioned the coaching course to my Dad, I shrugged it off and said something like “it’s too expensive.”  I told him I could learn just as much from their books and that I wanted to save my money to buy a shed this year.

I’ll never forget his response.

“FORGET THE SHED!” he yelled across the table.

If I remember correctly, I think he also slammed his fist down on the table when he said it.

Later that night, my wife and I went out to one of our favorite restaurants.   While enjoying a cocktail, I told her about the coaching course.  I had no idea what her reaction would be.  I figured she would think it was too expensive, just like I had.

She actually thought it was a great idea and told me to go for it.

Through this experience, I’ve learned that “I” am my best investment.   And “you” are your best investment.   Not your car, shed, investment portfolio, or even your house.  First, fund yourself.  Then, fund your lifestyle.

You may have a similar dilemma.  Maybe there is a conference you want to attend or a class you want to take.  But it’s “too expensive.”  Today, I encourage you to go for it.  Make the investment.  You won’t be disappointed.

“FORGET THE SHED!” as my Dad would say.

Maybe you’re afraid it won’t work out.  What’s the worst that can happen?  If you can live with that, go for it.  Your return will be exponential.

This is the key to having an “abundance” mindset.  And this is the mindset you must have to live your life to the fullest.

If you’re not willing to trade a material comfort for something you “really” want, then how badly do you really want it?

I booked my trip last weekend.  It cost a lot but my goal is worth it.  I’m worth it.

And you are too.


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Shelley J February 28, 2014 at 12:02 pm


this is a post of conviction. I been wanting to take a course through Disney Institute for years now, the last 2 employers I have tried to request taking the courses through them, the 1st employer came straight out and said no, they saw no value in it. The 2nd employer was ok with it but the courses I registered for in my area were cancelled.

I just checked online and found that there is a course being hosted at a college an hr from me, but yea I am thinking 500.00 is a bit much since now my job will possibly be ending in a month.



Scott February 28, 2014 at 3:01 pm

Thanks Shelley. Have a good weekend.


Yonas S. February 28, 2014 at 2:54 pm

I agree with you, no amount of money should stand in the way of achieving your goal. Investing in yourself is paramount, however, I see a lot people choosing fleeting things.
As long as your able to afford it and not be hurt financially.


Scott February 28, 2014 at 3:02 pm

Hi Yonas! Thanks for the commment. You’ve got the winning mindset. Have a good weekend.


Malloy March 1, 2014 at 8:28 am

Great post Scott! This helped me to make the decision to fly out to Santa Barbara later this month to attend – it should be a pretty great three day event with 100 other awesome, like minded folks. I encourage you to check it out and see if you can come too.

And good tip yesterday on the best time to make the next sale is right after you just made one. I had a great meeting at the original Ron Jon surf shop in LBI yesterday and stayed an extra day here to visit all the stores today to open up some more accounts for this summer :)


Scott March 1, 2014 at 3:42 pm

Thanks Mike. Congrats on your big wins. Have a good weekend.


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