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What Scott is Working On:

  • Why You Should Become an Entrepreneur
    Businessman surfing on the sea waves

    In the world of entrepreneurship, you only have to be right once to succeed.  You can fail over and over again and it doesn’t really matter.  As long as you persevere long enough to get it right once. When I ventured down the entrepreneurial path four years ago, I had no idea what I was […]

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  • My Quarterly Progress Report – January 2015
    Progress Report

    “Aim for progress, not perfection.”  Welcome to 2015! If you’re new here, this is My Quarterly Progress Report.  At the end of each quarter I summarize what I did, what I learned, and what I’m working on now. I created my blog a few years ago after a disappointing performance review at work.  I decided it was […]

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  • My StrengthsFinder Story (Plus an Awesome Resource List!)
    Strengthsfinder Book

    A few years ago, after a disappointing performance review at work, I decided to re-evaluate and ultimately redesign my life.  I felt stuck.  Until then, I always had a system to nudge me forward. In school, teachers hand out new books every autumn.  In the spring, after you’ve read the books and passed the tests, […]

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  • The One Thing in Your Way of HUGE Success

    Have you ever worked really hard on something but were too afraid to share it with others?  You created something special and then asked yourself questions like: “Will people laugh at me?” “Will they think I’m stupid?” “Is it good enough?” And then hesitated to send it out into the world. My question to you […]

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  • My Toastmasters Speech: Answering the Call

    This article is part of the Ice-Breaker Series: a documentary of my journey through Toastmasters in pursuit of becoming a better public speaker. Today I’m sharing my 10th Toastmasters speech!  This is the final speech in the Competent Communicator manual.  When I joined Toastmasters two years ago, I thought my 10th speech would be the grand […]

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  • It Won’t Happen Again

    Not like last time. There won’t be another family vacation like the one you went on last summer.  Or, another team like the one that won the state championship.  Or, another yearbook like the one that’s on your bookshelf. Those experiences were unique – one of a kind.  And will never happen again. On the […]

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