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What Scott is Working On:

  • Living for tomorrow
    Look for the future

    How much should you sacrifice today for a better tomorrow? Have you ever thought: “I’ll work at this job I don’t really like because it will look good on my resume and help me get a job I do really like.” “I’ll invest all my savings in a retirement fund so I can enjoy my […]

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  • Your Special Voice

    There is a special voice inside you with great potential.  I’m not talking about the voice you use to carry an “everyday” conversation.  This voice is different.  It’s raw, unfiltered, and has no boundaries.  It can take you anywhere you want to go – new cities, relationships, and wealth… you name it. It can be […]

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  • “I believe in you”
    You can do it, words on wall

    At times, we might not invest in someone unless somebody else has.  We want to see “social proof” that she is worth it.  Facebook “likes”, testimonials, and other popularity metrics all convince us that she is worth our time and money. But what if the person doesn’t have social proof?  What if she hasn’t been noticed […]

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  • Swimming in the ‘deep end’

    Last weekend my youngest daughter Kennedy and I were swimming in our neighbor’s pool.  Like most pools, it has a shallow and a deep end.  For the past few weeks she’s been swimming in the shallow end where she can touch the bottom.  It’s much safer there. However, last weekend the older kids were having […]

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  • The Fastest Way to Multiply Your Income

    The fastest way to multiply your income is to do more valuable work – even if you don’t get paid for it at first. Want to make $100,000/year?  Start doing $50/hour work.  Want to make $250,000/year?  Start doing $125/hour work.  Want to make a $1,000,000/year?  Start doing $500/hour work. Working more increases your income short-term, […]

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  • The Hero Inside You
    Superhero from movie poster

    You are a hero.  But you might not know it yet. You might get down on yourself from time to time and wish you were like someone else – the rockstar, athlete, entrepreneur, or movie-star you admire.  But the truth is, we don’t want you to be that person.  We want you to be you. […]

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