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What Scott is Working On:

  • Great work always starts with this…
    Crumpled Paper Background

    Great work always starts with a first draft. But let’s face it, the first draft always sucks.  It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a blog post or a best-selling novel.  The quicker you can finish the first draft, the better. It’s true in business too.  Creating a new product?  Version 1.0 will be the terrible.  […]

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  • How to Quit Bad Habits
    Shopping Spree Bag Marketplace Store Spending Money

    We all have bad habits.  Maybe it’s eating bowl of ice cream after dinner, drinking a favorite cocktail after work, or watching television at night.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life.  However, if your actions become habits that don’t align with your goals, then it’s time to re-evaluate why you do them in the first […]

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  • If you’re at a crossroads…

    My blog has always been a side project for me, linked to a larger vision.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it – to wake up early in the morning and write a blog post before work or coach a client in the evening after a long day. Maybe you’re also wondering if your project […]

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  • How to Make the Right Choice
    Choice of Career Orientation

    A few weeks ago, I watched an interview of Carlos Santana.  About halfway through the interview he discussed the advice he gives to aspiring guitarists.  He said, “The first thing I would teach the new youngsters about music is don’t touch the guitar yet.  Just look at it.  Can you give yourself chills before you […]

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  • How to Close the Experience Gap FAST
    Person offering help to another on puzzle path

    When starting a creative project there is always a gap between your vision and current reality.  Professionals can close the gap quickly, using skill and experience to reach the goal.  Amateurs take much longer to close the gap.  They may have a vision, but lack the skill and experience to achieve their goal quickly. When […]

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  • How to know when to ask for help
    3d person - help to the friend

    Sometimes it’s best to do it yourself – to take the bull by the horns and ‘get her done.’  You have a unique talent, an eye for the job, and there’s no one else who can do it quite like you. And sometimes it’s best to ask for help.  You might not have the appropriate […]

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